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Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos
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Negative Mitzvah 120

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Introduction To Negative Mitzvot 116-120:

Leftover Sacrificial Meat.

When Mindy came into the kitchen for dinner, a wonderful aroma greeted her. Mindy immediately recognized that smell.

"Mommy!" Mindy exclaimed. "You made exactly the food that I like!"

After thanking her mother for the special treat, Mindy sat down to eat. Even after she was quite satisfied, she continued eating until her plate was clean. She wanted to show her mother that she was grateful for her efforts and thoughtfulness.

Leaving leftovers of the special dinner her mother made might make her mother feel that her work was not appreciated.

HaShem expresses his love for us by giving us Mitzvot that enable us to come close to Him. HaShem also gave us a special opportunity of expressing our close bond with Him by allowing us to bring sacrifices.

Sometimes, we are also commanded to eat from the meat of the sacrifice.

The Torah tells us that we must try not to leave any leftover meat from the sacrifice. If the meat is not finished, it can no longer be eaten. Instead, all leftover meat is burned and the ashes are discarded.

There are certain time limits for eating different sacrifices.

If the meat has not been eaten by the specific time stated in the Torah, it is considered "notar", which means "leftover," and must then be burned.

The following Mitzvot apply to various sacrifices, instructing us not to leave leftovers (see also Positive Mitzvah 91).

Negative Mitzvah 120: We are forbidden to leave any meat of any sacrifice uneaten until the morning
Leviticus 22:30 "You shall leave none of it until the morning"

This Negative Mitzvah is mentioned among the rules that apply to the thanksgiving offering.

We are cautioned not to leave any leftover meat beyond the time limit set in the Torah for eating it. This applies to all other types of sacrifices, as well.

We are all prisoners. But we sit on the keys.


Finitude is our cell. The universe is our prison. Our jailkeeper is the Act of Being. The keys to liberation are clenched tight in the fists of our own egos.

From: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman -

  Day 169Day 171  

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