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Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos
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Negative Mitzvot 111 and 215

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Negative Mitzvah 111: We are forbidden to redeem objects or property that is "Cherem"
Leviticus 27:28 "No taboo thing...shall be redeemed"

Possessions that a person declares Cherem can never be returned to his ownership (see above: Negative Mitzvah 110).

They are transferred to the priest or the Temple treasury, depending on the type of Cherem.

The person who dedicated them is forbidden to redeem them in the future.

(It should be noted that Negative Mitzvot 110-111 refer to an object that was designated as Cherem without any defined purpose.

One may devote objects specifically to the Beit HaMikdash and these objects are redeemable.)

Introduction to Mitzvot 215-218

"Kelayim" - Forbidden Mixtures

One Thursday, Miri's mother was busy in the kitchen baking for Shabbat.

Miri, a very curious three year old, sat in a chair watching as her mother took one spice after another down from a tray and poured them into a bowl.

Suddenly, the door-bell rang and Miri's mother quickly washed her hands and hurried to the door.

While she was waiting, Miri decided to "help" Mommy. She stood up on the chair and continued to add spices to the cake mixture.

In went some pepper, mustard seed and garlic! She was just about to add some dried onion flakes when her mother walked into the kitchen.

"Miri!", she cried "What have you done?"

"Mommy! I help you! You sprinkle in from those little jars - so do I! It's nice now."

"Oh! Miri, Miri," was all her mother could say. How could she explain to a three-year old that you can't mix all the spices into a cinnamon cake?

Some things just don't go together.

When HaShem created the world he gave nature certain rules and He provided us with the knowledge and tools to work the land and reap its harvest.

HaShem also placed certain limits on what exactly could be planted and when it could be planted. The Torah tells us that we must not mix certain types of seeds together when planting our crops.

These Mitzvot are called "Kelayim" - forbidden mixtures.

They apply to all that is planted within the Eretz Yisrael.

The laws of Kelayim also apply to animals, as well.

We are not allowed to breed two different types of animals together. HaShem wants each of the species that He created to remain unique and special, just the way He formed it during the six days of Creation.

The following Mitzvot explain what is considered Kelayim.

Negative Mitzvah 215: It is forbidden to plant Kelayim in our fields
Leviticus: "You shall not sow your field with mingled seeds"

We are forbidden to plant different types of seeds together in one field.

You write that, having discovered all your faults, you are depressed. Imagine you have just found a doctor with a diagnosis that explains all your afflictions over the past many years. And he's written a prescription directing you on a sure path to good health. Shouldn't you jump with joy and relief?

From: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman -

  Day 118Day 120  

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